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Leather Cue Cases –  Case Design

Here at Majestic Cue Cases we not only sell a range of handmade leather cue cases made to our own designs but also are just as happy to discuss individual cue case designs or modifications required by our customers.

We have been requested to make many types of leather cue cases, all with their own features and requirements. Some customers want a squarer end, some a round, some want the lightest cue cases using the thinnest materials and some want the highest quality thickest materials available, we are easy either way.

Hopefully by reading the information on this page and seeing some of the images you will understand some of the questions you might want to ask to make sure you get the best possible leather cue case we can build you.

We build everything on site here in our workshop from the cue case wooden carcass to the brass bumpers, leatherwork and embroidery so there is always someone at hand to guide you.

Enjoy the images and don’t hesitate to contact us by email or if you would like to talk things over then by all means call us directly.

Wooden Cue Case Carcass

Our cue case carcasses are all made from treated plywood. We don’t aim to construct lightweight cue cases unless a specific request from the customer as our preference is a solid build with sturdy dividers for each piece of equipment, a cue case built to last.

If a customer prefers the lighter materials then we would use pine rails on the outside and equipment dividers that do span the full length of the cue case; we can also use a thinner divider if we’re looking for every ounce to save.

All our cue case ends are shaped to suit the type of leather and match our brass end protectors if required.

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Leather Cue Case Handles

We spend an unusual amount of time on our cue case handles to ensure they are a rigid construction with each piece of leather taken from a particular part of the hide.

Each cue case handle is usually made from 4 layers of leather bonded together using a unique method tested by us and then sewn to ensure stability.

Understanding the varying requirements of our customers we make classic type handles that are a leather only finish, a debossed ‘Branded’ option and we also offer an embroidery finish all completed by us in our workshop.

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Leathers and Suedes

In general, we opt for a waxy Aniline leather to dress the cue case carcasses as the leather ages superbly as times passes. We are venturing into the use of more upholstery leathers for their colours so in time we should be able to offer other options as they become available.

We use a heavy duty high quality suede in all our leather cue cases which gives a beautiful look and feel. If the customers would prefer to go for a more lightweight suede then we can use a thin skin suede which can be up to two thirds thinner but obviously different in it’s durability.

Leather Cue Case Furniture

Like our other leather cue case materials, we try and choose the best quality metalwork for our cue cases.

Brass is the most popular look on our cue cases so we have sourced solid brass for the strap eyelets, buckles, studs and strap rings. Our internal butt hinges, external heavy duty butterfly hinges are solid brass and the cue case end protectors we custom make from scratch in our workshop are also solid brass. For the cue case catches, we have opted for the famous Cheney electroplated catches to match.

Occasionally we get the call for something else from our customers so if that’s your preference then we can match all the case case furniture inside and out in chrome.

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Leather Cue Case Decoration

Our most popular designs seem to be the ‘Classic’ single colour look or the multi-coloured patchworks.

Looking over the website you will be able to see many designs to give you an idea but we are also open to your own ideas to keep us on our toes. Leather Cue Case patterns tend to be a straight stitch or a zig zag with colours that complement the type of pattern e.g. whether the leather is set at the same level or over-lapped.

We like to use a ‘Top Stitch’ (thicker) thread where possible to show off the stitch work against the leather. Feel free to discuss thread colours with us as we may have some example images to help make your decision easier.

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Suede Compartments

When we first looked at leather cue cases and asked what annoyed players about their cases so many said they were tired of all the equipment banging around, not surprising.

We took a look at all the top leather cue cases out there but also came out with something a little different for the compartments in our 3/4 leather cue cases.

Obviously the butt, cue shaft, mini butt and telescopic extension generally have different diameters so the foam has to have the capacity to cope with all of them at the same time, some do and some don’t.

We have varied the height of the foam in each of the sections of the 3/4 leather cue case to tailor it more to the individual piece of equipment; this goes a long way to stopping that unwanted clanging! If requested, we also supply suede rolls that to be fitted between the dividers to pinch the equipment even closer.

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Hopefully that has given you a brief insight into how we approach making our leather cue cases.

In time we hope to add lots of designs to the website to give our customers a better idea of not only the popular designs but also a few of the more unusual ones.

We hope you enjoyed the information and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.